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Providing system integration services for the electrical sector. Their engineers, cross trained in electrical engineering & SCADA provide innovative, scaleable solutions to some of the largest companies in the world.

The industry leader in custom panel fabrication for OEMs, industrial automation panels and electrical switchgear panels. QT’s workforce is located in eastern North Carolina, but serves a range of original equipment manufacturers and switchgear builders across the southeast and gulf United States. From full design and procurement of electromechanical assemblies, to wiring labor of switchgear controls – QT offers clients a complete range of services for their customer base. Throughout our years of experience, they’ve worked with companies to help them achieve an on-time, cost effective solution that matches their unique specifications and integrates seamlessly with their process.

PC&S specializes in power measurement and controls. They are manufacturers and suppliers of products including: Analog Panel Meters, Digital Panel Meters, Power Meters and Monitoring Systems, Multi Circuit & Branch Circuit Meters, Generator Controllers, Transducers, Protective Relays, Current and Potential (Voltage) Transformers, Shunts, Instrument and Voltage/Change Switches, Battery Chargers, and DC Contactors for Industrial and Transit Applications. Their staff of electrical / instrumentation engineers is available to provide customized and integrated customer solutions.

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